How Speed of Life Coaching Came to Light…

Two years ago, I was in the middle of dancing and the music changed from slow to upbeat.   Suddenly, we found ourselves dancing at a quick tempo adjusting to a new and eager rhythm, and enjoying every moment.  Nobody was aware of the time.  This is what is referred to as being in the “flow.”

I suddenly realized that the speed of life is like a dance – it is untimed when you do what you love and want to do.  The ability to experience flow is something we all share. And there I was, doing something I enjoy, unaware of clocks, appointments or schedules. 


For your personal speed of life to be fully authentic, it is also timed to your unique filters and rhythm, at your own pace and how you perceive the world.   If you asked all the dancers in that room:  “Are you having a good time?”  The answer would likely be a unanimous “yes.”   If you asked each dancer how they define a good time, or what the dance made them think of, each person would have a different and fascinating story.  We share a common bond of potential that can develop friendships, careers, talents, success, and hobbies with distinct descriptions of what those words and goals mean.  

There are no masks in coaching, only openness to ideas and a natural wonder, creating awareness, and developing all we really are at the core.  That is my interpretation of the Speed of Life, and I coach my clients from that vantage point.

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