Services Provided

My coaching practice is centered on midlife women who are eager to take on exciting new challenges in their lives but find they are blocked by fear, uncertainty and indecision when change takes place. Because of my lifelong passion for music and writing, I enjoy working with all individuals who seek to enhance their creative output, and those who have creative blocks or performance issues getting in the way.

For coaching to be effective, nothing is more important than establishing a strong foundation of trust and communication between the coach and client. You will find that it is easy to speak with me and I listen attentively, providing all the encouragement you need in a supportive atmosphere. This compassionate approach allows you the freedom to explore all possibilities and opportunities that come your way.

Transforming your current situation into what you really want happens when your actions have significant meaning, reflecting goals that are fulfilling to you. You will learn to identify your life purpose and plan your strategies around your authentic values enabling you to proceed with confidence, clarity, ease and grace.

Some important areas I explore with my clients are:

Career Transitions

Work/Life Balance

Time Management Skills

Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues

Health & Wellness

Personal Growth and Productivity

Relationship Coaching

I offer sessions on the phone, via Skype, or in person if you are in my local area.

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