Common Questions

What is a professional coach?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.   Coaching places clients on a path of growth and self-discovery, enabling them to clarify what brings them joy, fulfillment and purpose in life. 

Is there a Coaching Agreement?

Once we have our initial free session and you become my client, I will send an information packet that includes the Coaching Agreement, a link to the Code of Ethics, fees, scheduling and a short self-assessment which help me get to know you a little better and what you hope to accomplish with our coaching.   

What makes coaching so effective?

For motivated individuals who are at a crossroads in their lives, adjusting to change can be difficult.   If you are facing a roadblock, I will provide an objective point of view and a fresh perspective that will help you make a breakthrough bringing you clarity and outstanding results.  Coaching helps clients seek out all that is possible, so they create solutions to problems in which they have felt stuck for a long time.

How is coaching different from mentoring, consulting and therapy?

Therapy is a healing process focuses on an individual’s past and healing unresolved issues. Consultants provide expertise and advice to their clients and are often hired to deliver a product or results.   A mentor is a role model, providing guidance, advice and specific steps for their clients.   Coaches are impartial, seeing the client as whole, creative, resourceful, healthy and capable of making decisions to create the results they want.   Coaches encourage clients to focus on all that is going right in their lives.

What is a coaching conversation like?

A coaching interaction is like no other conversation you’ve had before.    Active listening involves intuition and hearing what is said and not said – the hidden meaning behind spoken words.   My clients tell me they experience remarkable insights and internal shifts, enabling them to overcome obstacles, stretch their capabilities and explore options that open up. Coaching is a creative process and my role is to keep you motivated to take on bolder risks and challenges.

Why would someone hire a professional coach?

Any event that involves a change and conflict can be the reason to seek out a coach, especially when the individual is trying to move forward but feels stuck at some point in the process.   Midlife women often seek the services of a professional coach when changing careers or upgrading skills in a current job.   People engage a coach when they need help with life and work balance, time management, maintaining health and wellness, family dynamics.   Also, coaching provides clients a supportive framework so clients learn to develop confidence involving social interactions and interpersonal relationships.

How long does it take for a client to achieve their goals?

This varies depending on a client’s needs and commitment to staying on track with their agenda.   Some clients come to coaching with a specific purpose or goal in mind and find three to six months works.   Other clients find their priorities change, and want to continue the coaching partnership.

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