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Sleep Interrupted

Making Your Waking Hours Work For You

Published February 15, 2016 

It’s 3 a.m. and you are an insomniac.   Your frenzied mind is in high gear and your engine kicks into overdrive.   You turned out the light hours ago but the strobe light in your brain illuminates the room.   A new idea hits.   You have to get up at 7 a.m. for your day job but you can’t sleep now.  Before you know it, it’s 4:00 am and you are still wide awake.

Who are you during the night?   What’s keeping you up?    Are you a former performer who wants to return to the music/theater world?   Are you a creative writer dreaming about the manuscript sitting in your files for a decade and wanting to find time to complete it?   Are you at your midlife regretting decisions you made at age 30?   Do you aspire to change direction and do something new that you’ve never done?


What’s stopping you?


If what you love is who you are, that’s what you are meant to do.   It is not too late.   You are alive; you can do it! 


Many times, creative people cannot put their ideas to rest at bedtime.   We resist an organized life and do not thrive on a planned schedule.   It’s not natural to us.


Can you take something unnatural and make it natural?   


Who you are must direct everything you do and every reason you do it.   It’s important to work on impulse.   You also need to adapt your life to some kind of daily structure so you have quiet time for your project.   Both are possible!


Are you ready for that challenge?   It can be done.


For example, you can wake up 45 minutes early and allocate that special time to work on your project.   After dinner, you can spend an hour on the same project and not accept distractions.   Turn off your phone and computer.   No interruptions.   After 30 days?   Voila!   You’ve got a novel or a new song. 


But sometimes life still gets in the way.   You may have to lock your noisy kids in the closet when they come home from school.  You may have to lock your loud Siamese cat in the closet with your noisy kids.  You may have to lock your hubby out of the house so he can watch the football game at the local bar.   


You see the problem.


Folks, once upon a time I was a splendid mess.   I let distractions like kids and cats and noisy people bug me.   I let other people make my decisions for me.   I don’t do that anymore.   I’ve learned to adapt.


Some creative people can arrange a daily ritual.   Others need to work at it.   Creative people need to express themselves.   And they need to organize their days.   A Creativity Coach can help with all of this zaniness so you can GET IT DONE.


So, when you are up at night with a great idea you have several options:



     a)  Go back to sleep and dream about the work you might have done. 




     b)  Head for the refrigerator and make a Dagwood sandwich.




     c)  Check your IPhone for the latest Trump news. 




     d)  Quietly get yourself a yellow pad and WRITE DOWN IDEAS when they are fresh in your mind.   Then use your daily structured time to expand and write, write, WRITE!



Rule #1:  Never apologize for the creative chaos that gives you trouble when ten million ideas emerge at once.   Let it happen.   Creatives live in their heads.   It makes us crazy, and lovable too.


Rule #2:  Don’t listen to anybody.   Keep your good ideas to yourself.    If you talk, you’ll find that people are very critical.   If they are, your ideas are probably better than you thought. 


Rule #3:  Nobody says you can’t stick to a daily ritual and break it as needed.  Arrange for an off-hour twice a week.   Use your lunch hour.   Go on a TV diet.   Watch a webinar on the train ride home from work.   Ignore junk e-mails.   Successful people do not read junk e-mails.    Do extra work when you can’t sleep.   Stop feeling guilty.    Think of the extra time as a reward. 


The most talented people in the world welcome fresh ideas and start new projects all the time.   When ideas don’t come, they don’t fret.   They are not giver-uppers.   They try to do their best even during downtimes.   Those who set their creative pace know the speed of life that works for them and make no apologies for it. 


They are the people that stick to schedules for creativity as their time permits.


They are also the ones that go for the yellow pad at 4:00 am.


*If you are too young to know who Dagwood Bumstead is, just check out Blondie.   And I don’t mean the rock group.


Copyright 2016 by Bonnie Chernin.   All Rights Reserved.



Bonnie Chernin is the Founder of SpeedofLifeCoaching.com.  She is a Personal Development and Creativity Coach.   Bonnie is a compassionate and dedicated person who loves partnering with inspired midlife women, talented musicians and gifted writers.   If you believe a dynamic, brilliant life is possible at any age and are ready to unleash your creative potential, then Bonnie is the coach for you.    Call Bonnie at (347) 702-6519.

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