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The Most Important Values to Me Are Trust and Integrity...and Surrounding Myself with Good Friends and Positive People.

about me

When looking at my personal values and contributions, I realize I was coaching long before I had a name for it. 

My experience as a librarian and piano teacher always meant servicing others so they might unleash their creativity and potential.  My diverse background as an educator made the transition into coaching a natural one. Clients say my outstanding coaching skills help them change their mindsets, emerge more confident, overcome obstacles, discover who they are today, and then accomplish things they never thought possible.  

I am a Certified Professional Coach and a graduate of Coach U's Core Essentials Program.  I have training in Positive Psychology from MentorCoach LLC, and am an active member of the International Coach Federation.  I regularly attend classes and webinars, and keep current with new trends in coaching modalities that will be helpful to my clients. 

I am a spiritual person at heart with a keen intuition and curiosity for what brings people happiness and a meaningful life. Passions and dreams often become submerged under the pressures of everday life.  When people are inspired to be their most authentic selves they begin on an amazing forward journey toward personal growth.  The outcome they really want becomes clear and not what they've been told to do by others.   

What can you expect when I coach you?  A trusted partner who is compassionate and always present so you feel free to explore and express your ideas.

One of the benefits of hiring me as your coach is that I have truly walked the path that led to here.  If you want to break from the same old routine and are ready to upgrade your skills, gain confifdence and create a new and exciting future for yourself, then I am your coach.

The Guiding Principle that Works:  People Grow from Connection.

The key to achieving results you want is to develop a vision, nurture it, staying vigilant by attending to it every day, and most important…not to abandon it.   Only then will your actions reflect your true values and integrity.  

As my client, you will find that I listen carefully and attentively, using my intuition and coaching expertise to manage your progress and keep you motivated and on track toward your goals.   As your coach, I will help you clarify your agenda and create an action plan that will help you achieve the outcome you want now.

Are you ready to take the next step?  Please call me at 347-702-6519 (landline) or on my cell at 347-586-3304.

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