Helping You FulfillYour Potential


Over the past few months, Bonnie Chernin coached me in several important life situations.  Bonnie helped me through a personal life crisis involving family, friends and co-workers.  

She also helped me see new possibilities enabling me to make informative decisions with regard to my career change.   Bonnie is compassionate and a good listener, asking thoughtful questions.   As a result of our coaching sessions, I have moved into a new career.  I am also continuing to further my education in the medical field, which is of utmost importance to me.

- M. Shapiro, Midwood, Brooklyn NY


Bonnie has a generous spirit in her coaching and is supportive and encouraging in her approach. She uses powerful questions effectively to get you thinking about things from a different perspective. As a result of our coaching, I became more focused on a certain area of my life, and let go some of my limiting beliefs.  

-Ildiko Oravecz, Albuquerque, NM


Bonnie demonstrated a strong presence in our coaching relationship, She had a unique ability to dig deeper with me with appropriate questions which provided some wonderful breakthroughs for me.

-M.  Bush, Charleston, WV